We exist to create experiences that open up new worlds of excitement

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Out of this world

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Prismax is a Belgian-based virtual productions company specializing in virtual experiences, live events and virtual set design. We combine creative storytelling with advanced technology to create premium experiences for brands, artists, show creators, production companies and more.

Our work ranges from custom metaverse worlds and VFX to immersive experiences, NFTs and show design. Everything we do starts from our passion for delivering out of this world creative solutions, in both ideas and execution.

An end-to-end approach, from technical setup to custom content creation, that lets our clients engage with their audience in a whole new way.

We are proud of our long list of international clients and partners. And above all, our talented team that, time after time, puts its passion into the brilliant projects we create. All this experience and expertise is what lets us provide our clients with virtual productions that are out of this world.